I’d love to hear more about your project as a first step towards our deciding if we would work well together. Please let me know if you have a complete manuscript or if you’re dealing with a problem that is stopping you from completing your work. (I can often help you solve problems that are stalling your progress).

If you’ve finished a draft of a novel, let me know the current word count, the genre, a basic blurb about your novel, and a brief summary of your publishing goals (looking for a traditional publisher, planning on self-publishing, exploring, don’t know yet).

If you’re working on a nonfiction book, let me know where you are in the process – have you written a book proposal, a draft of the manuscript, still just noodling around with ideas? And send along a summary of your project and your goals for it.

Email your project information to jennifer@jenniferlawler.com and I’ll respond within a couple of business days. Thank you!